Sunday, November 23, 2008

Iceland on Saturdays

I have decided not to write about the crisis in Iceland until I am back home in three weeks, but today I watched this video and somehow it touched me a lot. It is about the protests that have been held every saturday for the last past weekends. Iceland is my home now... it is where I have my family, my friends, our home, my college and my life. It is sad that I will be back to a different country. When I left Iceland in May everything seemed to be fine and now everything is uncertain. The mood is different. Is it worse? I don't know... I am not there yet.

BUT I have been reading Iceland Weather Report blog and Vida na Islandia. It is a great way to keep updated! Alda, from Iceland Weather Report, is a brave and intelligent woman. She writes about her personal experience connected to Iceland and not only news.

I am definetly looking forward to go back home, to go back to Iceland!

... and finish all the endless projects at Edinburgh Academy of Arts!

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dulla said...

Hi Aline, thank you for the postcard. Great idea and thouthful ;) I´m drowning in work in school and looking forward to finish this season.
It will be great to have you back in Iceland.. it is not the same Iceland as you said but still...
Contact me when get here :)